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    Aman Kumar Shah of Class IX holds 1st position with 98% marks in Pre-School Category, of 65th National U N Information Test. Abhishek Kumar Gupta of Class IX holds 3rd position with 95% marks in Pre-School Category, of 65th National U N Information Test. Faizan Akhtar of Class II holds 3rd position with 92% marks in Sub-Junior Category, of Mini General Knowledge Test. Prince Kumar of Class VI holds 3rd position with 91% marks in Junior Category, of 65th National U N Information Technology Test. Siddharth Singh of Class X holds 3rd position with 86% marks in Senior Category, of 65th National U N Information Test.


    Debate competition conducted on 20 August 2022, and five schools participated. Lead School is CBSE Public School, Smart Move Academy, Gyanda International School, Bihar Vikas Vidyalaya, Shree Bharti Academy. The topic of debate competition is "Impact of Social Media on Teenagers". Utkarsh Tiwari of Smart Move Academy, achieved FIRST POSITION in the competition.

    Promoting and Sustaining Appropriate Hand Hygiene Behaviour Among Children

    Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad has announced a webinar on “Promoting and Sustaining Appropriate Hand Hygiene Behaviours Among Children: Lessons from the field” on 07 January 2022 at 1400 Hrs. The webinar aims to contribute to the development and implementation of effective behaviour change program to ensure that all children follow safe hand hygiene behaviours at all times. The webinar will be conducted on the Zoom platform. The registration link can be accessed at


    Smart Move Academy is glad to announce that we are going to organise Self-Defence Training Workshop especially for girls from class 3rd to class 12th from 4th January 2020. Self-Defence Training Workshop will be organised on every Saturday from 12 noon to 1 pm. Our ultimate goal is to change the mind-set of Indian women to stop thinking of themselves as a Victim and rather think of themselves as a Fighter. “Your safety is not an option, it's your right and you can be as safe as you choose to be.”


    Dear Teachers & Students, Take up the awareness campaigns to limit the use of Single Use Plastic (such as plastic bag, plastic cutlery, stryofoam cups and cutlery, etc.) and publicize the use of alternatives to Single Use Plastic.

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    The Summer Vacation for all classes will begin from Thursday, 25th May 2023. The students are encouraged to spend significant time in regular studies, completing the pending works/ projects and other related creative works. Every child develops healthy reading habits in order to be relevant and smart. Read- Reflect- Share- Act should become the life of paradigm of SMARTIANS. All the students should mentally be prepared to resume regular school life from 19th June 2023. Take care of yourself. Stay home and be safe. Wishing you a joyful and productive holiday, with lots of indoor fun, pleasure and family time.

    C.B.S.E. BOARD RESULT (SESSION: 2022 – 2023)

    CLASS X : Utkarsh Tiwari 92.6% , Aman Prakash 91.80% , Suhani Kumari 91.6% , Aditya Raj 91% , Shubhra Pandey 90% CLASS XII : Abhinay Mishra 84.6% , Junaid Alam 81.2% , Shahid Parwez 80.4%


    Science is inexplicably linked with our lives and helps us to understand the world around us better. Scientific and technological developments contribute to progress and help improve our standards of living. By engaging with this subject, students learn to think, solve problems and make informed decisions. As an initiative to generate curiosity, enquiry and higher order thinking amongst the learners, the Board is organizing the CBSE Science Challenge for students of classes 8th to 10th. This challenge shall be available on DIKSHA platform from 17th January 2022 to 28th February 2022. Students from class 8th to 10th, irrespective of the Board, are eligible to participate in this challenge. To access the challenge, schools affiliated to CBSE are required to register their students, provide CBSE registration IDs to students who can then join the ‘CBSE Science Challenge’ course on the DIKSHA platform. The students of schools not affiliated to the CBSE can directly access the course on DIKSHA platform. Schools can nominate 5 children in each class who have secured a participation certificate in the Science Challenge directly to the second stage or national qualifiers of the Raman Young Science Innovator Awards (conducted by the RRI Trust founded by Sir C.V. Raman; for more details at Instructions for CBSE schools to register their students: 1) There is NO participation fee for this student enrichment activity. 2) CBSE Schools to visit the CBSE website in and click on the “CBSE Science Challenge –2021-22” to register their students. As soon as schools register students, Registration IDs would be generated which they can provide to respective Students. This is to be given to students so that they can fill it on the DIKSHA portal at the start of quiz. Steps for students to participate: 1) Students can access the course via DIKSHA portal on computer or via the DIKSHA app on their Android mobile. iPhone users can access the quiz on any mobile browser. They must have the latest version of the DIKSHA App from Playstore to access the quiz. In case they already have the DIKSHA App, it may be ensured that it is updated to the latest version by visiting Playstore. 2) Students would be required to login to portal/app using their existing DIKSHA credentials. If they do not have an account on DIKSHA, then they can register for the same by clicking on the “Register here” button on the page. They can also sign in with an existing Google account by clicking on the “Sign in with Google” button. 3) The “CBSE Science Challenge” in English can be accessed via link: and in Hindi: This will open the login page. 4) On reaching the course home page, click on “Join Course”. 5) Once they have joined the course, they will be able to access different modules of this course. They can either click on Start Learning or on any one of the modules to access the content: a. The first module provides a brief introduction to the CBSE Science Challenge course. b. The second module is the CBSE Science Challenge. 6) The students of CBSE affiliated schools have to fill in the Registration ID (to be provided by the school/ teacher) before accessing the Quiz. Students of schools not affiliated to CBSE are to skip filling this Registration ID (please leave it blank). 7) All students who complete the course would be provided a participation certificate. Participation certificates will be issued online on the DIKSHA platform itself upon completion of the course. Please ensure that students have their correct names in the DIKSHA profile. Students should have the latest version of the DIKSHA app or access to the DIKSHA website to receive certificates. Please note that no merit list shall be displayed or separate certificates will be issued to the participants for this activity.


    CBSE has released the Official Sample papers for Term-2 for Class X and XII Please go through this link for Class X: Please go through this link for Class XII:

    Exploring Your Creativity

    Have you ever asked yourself why some people are naturally more creative than you? Picture yourself as a young child with your adventurous and unique creations featuring paper, pens, pipe cleaners and empty bottles…and anything else you could find lying around. Besides making a mess, what you made was something to be proud of! Something which was individual. Although the idea behind your creation may have been shared, the adaptations and personal touch make it yours. We, as adults, tend to lose our willingness and ability to explore in order to come up with innovative ideas. However, we need to be able to reconnect with our creative side in order to progress and evolve our products and services – just like we did in childhood. As young children, we are surrounded by stimuli, but the gradual growth into an adult sees these disappear as we adopt responsibilities. Our brain function changes drastically with this. We go from using an imaginative right-side to an analytical left-side… The Right Brain is described as being better at: • Expressing emotions • Music • Reading emotions • Color • Images • Intuition • Creativity The Left Brain is described as being better at: • Language • Logic • Critical thinking • Numbers • Reasoning However, we still all have the ability to get creative if we set our minds to it! So, what tips can we use to explore creativity to stimulate our right-hand brain further? 1. AVOID LOGICAL THINKING Logical left-brain thinking can prevent us from innovative thoughts, because when we think logically we only use what we know. Creative ideas are built from what we don’t yet know. To facilitate this process you can look for inspirations from music, arts or people. 2. PRACTICE, PRACTICE Being creative is an art. Try to become self-aware of what makes you creative, when you are most creative, and what things you are most creative at. Start paying attention to what you’re good at and start applying your mind to some creative work. 3. DON’T FORCE IT We are often most creative when we don’t try to be. Sometimes, ideas just come appear through insights or unique experiences. 4. AVOID BEING PRACTICAL This point relates to the methods we use to problem solve. Sometimes, we tend to stick to one tried and tested method and not try other ways. Instead, we should be trying to combine different ideas or methods together. 5. EMBRACE FAILURES Not all great ideas work out. In fact, most innovations are failures at the start. You just have to persist and keep working at it, find out what went wrong, and keep trying. When inventing the light bulb, Thomas Edison said: “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” So, what are you waiting for…..go and explore your creativity. Find the adventurer within you. Be innovative, be exciting, be opportunistic, be vibrant….and find that inner child! ‘Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions’ – Albert Einstein

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